We sell a full line of farrier tools & supplies for the professional
We have in stock Utah's largest selection of 
Horseshoeing Tools, Equipment and Supplies.

Some of the brands we carry include:

Delta, Mustad, GE Forge & Tool
ICAR, Vettec, Equilox, Kahn Forge, Diamond, NC, Shoein' Shop, St Croix
Grand Circuit, Edge, Hastings, 
Capewell, KB, Workman, Hoofjack
707 Products, Save Edge & Heller
And much more..........
We have a large inventory,
at low prices.
Phone: (435) 590-2864
Email: FarrierToolRebuilds@yahoo.com 
The Rafter V Clinch Block
Hand forged from 4140 tool steel
$55.00 with free shipping in USA