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About Us

A Story Of Hardwork

What We Do

Farrier Tool Rebuilds

We rebuild most brands of nippers, clinchers, pull-offs and nail cutters. They come to us chipped and worn out.  They return to you looking and working like new.

Farrier Supplies

We are Utah’s largest, in stock, selection of horseshoeing tools, equipment and supplies.

Clinics & Workshops

Learn from the best in the industry.  We offer clinics and workshops bringing in experts to share their knowledge with you.

A Lifetime of Experience

Rafter V is owned and operated by Jerry and Traci von Kaenel. Jerry has been a professional farrier for over 50 years. He has two sons, a grandson and a nephew who followed in his foots steps and who are full-time farriers. For the first 35 years of Jerry’s shoeing career, he worked and lived in Southern California. Jerry and Traci were married in 2000 and moved to their current location in Parowan, Utah that same year. They opened Rafter V Farrier Supply in 2002, mostly out of necessity due to not having access to the selection of supplies Jerry was used to getting in California. About a year later, Jerry and Traci were given an opportunity to learn the tool rebuilding process. They purchased the needed equipment and supplies and have been commercially rebuilding farrier tools ever since. During the last 15 years, Rafter V Farrier Supply has grown to become Utah’s largest farrier supply store. In 2016, GE Forge & Tool chose Rafter V Farrier Tool Rebuilds to take over all their tool rebuilding. Traci and Jerry were factory trained and authorized by GE and are currently serving customers worldwide. As a result, they have doubled the size of their rebuilding shop and have purchased a commercial rivet machine along other equipment to make the process more efficient. Both the farrier supply store and the tool rebuilding shop are located on the same ranch where they live in the beautiful Parowan Valley.

Our Rebuild Process

Stamp with owners initials

Remove the rivet

Face the blade edge

Install new rivet

Re-work the heads

Set the handles

Heat treat the tool

Cleanup & polish

Hand sharpen blades

We Rebuild Most Brands

At Rafter V

We live by...


The Code of the West

Live each day with courage
Take pride in your work
Always finish what you start
Do what has to be done
Be tough, but fair
When you make a promise, keep it
Ride for the brand
Talk less and say more
Remember that some things aren’t for sale
Know where to draw the line.

(As printed in the book, Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street can learn from the Code of the West, by James P. Owen & David R. Stoecklein, 2004)


Farrier Industry Association

American Farrier’s Assocation

Utah Horseshoers Guild

Parowan Chamber of Commerce

Rafer V Farrier Tool Rebuilds are factory trained and authorized by GE Forge & Tool to do all their rebuilds.
– GE

Rafter V Farrier Tool Rebuilds

Rafter V Farrier Tool Rebuilds most brands of nippers, clinchers and pull-offs.  We can convert old nippers into nail cutters. Guaranteed workmanship, competitive pricing, quick turn around and free return shipping.


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