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Rafter V

Farrier Tool Rebuilds & Supply

What We Do

Farrier Tool Rebuilds & Farrier Supply

Farrier Tool Rebuilds

Rafter V Farrier Tool Rebuilds most brands of nippers, 1/4 rounds nippers, clinchers and pull-offs. We also convert your old nippers into nail cutters.  Guaranteed workmanship, competitive pricing, quick turn around and free return shipping.

Farrier Supply

We have Utah’s LARGEST selection of farrier supplies.  Located in Parowan, Utah we ship nationwide.  We carry all types of shoes and sizes from pony to draft.  If we don’t have it, we will get it.

Clinic & Workshops

Rafter V offers clinics and workshops to further educate farriers.  We bring in knowledgeable professionals for a day of learning.  Most clinics  have lunch included and a selection of door prizes.


"We are currently experiencing extended turnaround times for rebuilds. Ideally we want to get your tools in and out in under 30 days, however we are well over that now at more than 45 days, with our times expected to reach 60 days or possibly more, based on the current rate of incoming tools.

Rafter V has been rebuilding farrier tools commercially for over 15 years. We love what we do and we take pride in doing it right. It’s definitely not a process that can be rushed, we strive to keep the same high quality in our workmanship for every tool we rebuild.

Year after year our rebuilding business has continued to grow. Our workforce started with just a farrier and his wife, today we have four employees to help with various steps in the process, from logging in the tools when they arrive, all the way to shipping them back after rebuilding and many things in between.

Several steps in the rebuilding process take years to learn and perfect. Currently we are training employees to do more of the skilled parts of rebuilding to help speed up our turnaround, however at this time there are things that only the two of us can do.

Presently we are experiencing an unprecedented rush of tools coming in for rebuilding. The number of tools currently in our shop, from just arrived, up to ready for shipping back, is at an all time record high. We feel blessed to have the work and we are doing our very best to keep things flowing out.

Recently our farrier and head tool rebuilder (Jerry) had some medical issues that took him out of the shop for several days. (He had to have a heart valve replaced). It will be a few more days until he gets back up to full speed. No worries, his health is great now and he’s eager to get back to work. In fact, we have a team trying to keep him from doing more than the doctors want him to… that’s a full time job in its self.

We greatly appreciate our customers and your understanding of the current situation. We wanted you to know what’s going on and what we are doing to try to take care of your tools in a timely manner. Thank you for the work!”

Your Tools

When you send your farrier tools to us for rebuilding you’ll receive your tools back.  Guaranteed.  Send direct to us or check with your local farrier supply.

50 Years of Experience

Rafter V is owned and operated by Jerry & Traci von Kaenel.  Jerry has been a professional farrier for over 50 years.  We are a family run operation.  We take pride in our quality workmanship, quick turn around and competitive prices.   All our farrier tool rebuilds come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Farrier Supplies

Rafter V Farrier Tool Rebuilds & Supply is Utah’s largest selection of farrier supplies.  Our large, in stock, inventory and low prices continue to make us the #1 source for all your horseshoeing needs.

Our Work

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Rafter V Farrier Tool Rebuilds

Rafter V Farrier Tool Rebuilds most brands of nippers, clinchers and pull-offs.  We can convert old nippers into nail cutters. Guaranteed workmanship, competitive pricing, quick turn around and free return shipping.


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