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Farrier Tool Rebuild Photos

Farrier tool rebuild process

We take your tools seriously.  When tools arrive at Rafter V Farrier Tool Rebuilds they show up in pretty poor shape.  If you look at some of our farrier build photos it’s amazing how the tools are transformed.  When they arrive we stamp them the owners initials.  This insures the owner receives their own tools back.  After that the process includes: Remove the rivet, face the blade edge, install new rivet, re-work the heads, set the handles, heat treat the tool, cleanup and polish and hand sharpen the blades.

Want to see more farrier tool rebuild photos?

Join us on our Facebook page and you’ll see more farrier tool rebuild before and after photos.  We love to see the changes in the tools as they go through the rebuild process here at Rafter V.  You’ll be amazed at how your nippers, clinchers, pull-offs and cutters go from worn-out to rebuilt and ready for work.

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Rafter V Farrier Tool Rebuilds most brands of nippers, clinchers and pull-offs.  We can convert old nippers into nail cutters. Guaranteed workmanship, competitive pricing, quick turn around and free return shipping.


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